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Posted: 01-09-2017 | By: Gino

Here we will post any answers to frequent questions. If you do not see your answer here, just email us or fill out the form on the contact page and we will assist as best we can.

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Does GFL fully manage our solution?

Posted: 2017 | By: Gino

Depending on your requirements, yes we do.... but if you really want to manage your own site, we can build a framework to allow this also. But if you feel more comfortable with GFL managing your project, this is something that GFL would be happy to assist with.

We have a small dynamic team with varied skills. We will design with the latest tools to produce work that will put you ahead of competition in your business arena. If you simply do not have time or are unsure how to deal with website issues, we advise a fully managed web solution. We will be with you every step through your online business.....


Is a contract included?

Posted: 2017

We supply a contract with all of our work. Of course, we will discuss this with you before any work begins. If you have any specific requirements, ie. deliverable time, technical requirements, etc. please do let us know as this will be relevant during the creation of any contract. No two contracts are the same and we respect all requirements of our clients.

Even if your company is going to manage the solution itself, the we can still produce a contract stating your relationship with us, possible for future requirements.

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Are GFL designs viewable on all platforms?

Posted:, 2017 |

GFL use the latest techniques for this change in technology. There are so many devices now with varying screen resolutions, we are always working with Bootstrap and Boilerplate. We also have a dedicated Wordpress designer who also integrates the latest responsive technologies for your site.


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Do you supply hardware with Digital Signage Solution?

Posted: 2017

As this is the newest part of our business, we tend to work with companies who have existing infrastructure. However, depending on the complexity of the solution, we can supply basic hardware.


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